Today's Science

Aajako Bigyaan
With development of Science and Technology in accelerating speed, mankind has take a giant leap in the way to prosperity. The scientists who have dedicated their life in the study of the cosmos are now preparing for the first ever manned mission to the red planet Mars which means developed countries in the world are in the relay competition to win the race of Space. The two neighboring countries of Nepal, China and India are also giving a tough competition in this race of conquering the Space  while Nepal is still in its baby crawl. In Nepal, except few city areas, most of places seem not to have any kind of access for knowledge in science and technology. Even the fourth organ of nation i.e. the communication sector (specially in televisions) except few agriculture based programs, the programs based on science and technology specially about Astronomy, Space Science and Technology are not in adequate quantity which, as a whole shows the condition of science and technology in Nepal. By considering these facts, the concept of "Aajako Bigyaan" was designed. "Aajako Bigyaan" is a science based television program porduced by B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum Development Board along with Nepal Television to disseminate and to promote important knowledge, information and ideas of discovery, innovation and current events in the field of science and technology. By doing so, it tries to minimize the gap between public and scientific community playing its part as a bridge in between. The program is specifically focused on Astronomy, Space Science and Technology though it includes all important subjects in science and technology. In forth coming future, the program will be modified as per need to make it useful, interesting, effective, full of ideas and knowledge.
Details of the Program
Name                                         : Aajako Bigyaan / Today's Science 
Broadcasting time                    : 9:30pm on Monday and 11:20am on Tuesday (once in every 15 days)
Broadcasting medium             : Nepal Television
Directed By                                : Narayan Shrestha
Presented and Prepared By    : Rojita Buddhacharya
Concept                                      : Dr. Sanat Kumar Sharma
Produced by                               : B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science                                                                                              Museum Development Board and Nepal Television