Science Museum

About Our Science Museum
We have a Science Museum with interactive science exhibits intended to spread knowledge about different disciplines of science such as:

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:
  • An advanced interacting humanoid robot “Fullmaya”, capable of identifying the registered people, greeting visitors, posing for selfie, leading and explaining visitors towards each exhibit, able to answer general knowledge questions.
Electricity and Magnetism:
  • Van de Graaff Generator
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Electricity from Cycling, with energy and voltage indicator
  • Repelling Permanent Magnets  

Light, Vision and Optical Illusions:
  • Exhibits to demonstrate the majestic property of light
  • You and Me are Same
  • Infinity Mirror
  • Color Shadow
  • Rainbow Wall
  • Set of Magical Mirrors
  • Broken Image
  • Bumps and Depressions
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Stroboscope
Sound and Applied Mechanics:
  • Sound Tubes
  • Walking Piano
  • Simple Machine and Transmission of Power
  • Bernoulli’s Blower

Medical Science:
  • Live size Human skeleton
  • Live Size Human Anatomy (male and female)
  • Human Heart
  • Human Lungs
  • Live Size Human Brain
  • Reaction Timer (to test time the of reflex action)
Botany Hall:
  • Commonly Available Herbs and Plants in Nepal
  • Specimens Showing of Plant Disease
  • Specimens Showing Edible and Non-Edible Mushroom Commonly Found in Nepal
  •  Specimens Showing Different Kingdom of Plants
  • Attractive Wall Mounted Informative Photo Frames
  • Big Mushroom
DNA/RNA Interactive Hall:
  • Nucleotides Puzzle
  • History of DNA Discoveries
  • Big Helical Structure of DNA
  • Interactive Answering Computer System
Earth and Space Technology:
  • Cross-sectional view of Earth
  • Astronomical Binocular
  • Astronomical Telescope
  • Exhibit to simulate Motion of Moon, Earth with reference to Sun and 12 Constellations/Horoscopes

 Art and Craftsmanship:
  • Metal Art
  • Mud Art
  • Stone Art
  • Wooden Art
  • Thanka Paintings

3D Science Theater:
  • Well-furnished 3D Hall, with total 74 seats capacity
  • Scientific Movies/Documentaries