About Us

Government of Nepal has established B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum Development Board in 1992 in order to establish Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum in Nepal. In order to popularize the Science among the students & General People. Besides it is to cured on research activities conduct research activities in the area of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology.
Vision, Mission and Values

  • To contribute Nepal through excellence in scientific and technical, research and development perspective; to serve as a unique resource centre for space technology and remain a source of pride for all Nepalese. 

  • To generate new knowledge through advancement of cutting-edge research in innovative technology and to promote its values offering state-of-the-art space activities.
  • To identify areas of specialization based on perception of Nepalese, regional and global needs.
  • To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and institutions working on space.
  • To develop human potential who are intellectually capable and imaginative leaders can emerge in a range of space professions.
  • To improve quality of life for Nepalese people through establishment of an innovative transportation system

  •     Research and development of key space integrity and accountability.
  •     Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual.
  •     Attention to issues of national relevance as well as of global concern.
  •     Breadth of understanding, strengthen the knowledge of the space science.
  •     Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.
  •     An unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise.
  •     Aspiration towards the sky and space.